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                  It’s Happening for 2 Single Moms
                           February 22, 2017 by Stacy Jackson

      Usually, we focus on business-to-business marketing here on the Digital Down Low blog. Even our posts about influencer marketing or working with an online influencer tend to be in the B2B space. This week, I want to go a little “Hollywood” and introduce you to 2 Single Moms, Michelle and Tammy.
      Maybe you haven’t heard about Michelle and Tammy before now, but some other very influential people have. Tammy and Michelle, joined by Intern Ann (Michelle’s daughter), have interviewed Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead, Daniel Gillies from The Originals, and 21-time Grammy-winning artist Vince Gill, to name a few.  ...........
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Party people make some noise!  2 Single Moms will be sailing the high seas again this year on Chillin The Most 8 with our Captain, none other than Kid Rock!  This ship has always sold out and never made it to public sale.  People have waited for years on the waiting list. But you can still catch the shenanigans of this epic cruise right here with veteran cruisers 2 Single Moms! Check out our pics from CTM 7 in the Photo Gallery!

Thank you Daniel Gillies for granting an exclusive interview with 2SM's Intern Ann! Click here for full interview!

Spotlight "Video"

Daniel Gillies Interview Promo with 2 Single Moms and Intern Ann

2 Single Moms

By the fans, for the fans!

"Hollywood of the South"

Country Music Legend and 21 time Grammy winner Vince Gill gives a very special "Full Circle" interview with 2 Single Moms.  This fan interview is like no other that you will see.

Featured "Interview"
When Norman Reedus calls!

Interview with Intern Ann and 2 Single Moms

The tables are turned:

An Interview on 2 Single Moms

​BY: Stacy Jackson with Jackson Marketing Services

Intern Ann's Interview with Norman Reedus 
draws attention ... Great job Ann!! 


If it looks good, you'll see it. If it sounds good, you'll hear it.

If its marketed right, you'll buy it.

But ... If its real ... you'll feel it. -- Kid Rock

How to Chill The Most with Kid Rock

It's not every day that someone can say, "I talked to Norman Reedus on the phone today" ! Super appreciative that Norman took a few minutes out of his day to give us a call! Check out our full interview as Norman chats with Intern Ann about small town living, pranking Andrew Lincoln and gives us a hint at what's to come on next season's "Ride with Norman".

"Full Circle"

Vince Gill Interview with 2 Single Moms