We are Tammy and Michelle - 2 Single Moms.  2 Single Moms is a new independent media outlet that is local to The Walking Dead filming in Georgia.  Our outlet focuses mainly on our 3 biggest "fandoms"- The Walking Dead, Supernatural and Kid Rock. (Unlikely bedfellows for sure!) But that is what makes us unique.  We aren't limited to just these three though, so you never know who we might be lucky enough to chat with next! We concentrate on fan/celeb experiences and interactions with our fandoms in organic environments.  Living in such close proximity to filming and sharing a community with many of the cast members provides us  a treasure of unique opportunities for interaction with TWD cast.  Our approach is simple, yet entertaining as we become 45 year old "fan girls" when we share our adventures with our fans.  After all, we are one of them and we are "average women" sharing and capturing the experiences that everyone else dreams of.  We are "by the fans, for the fans" driven. 

And while we give the illusion of "amateurs in a big city", we have certainly been around the block.  We are intelligent women who strive to uphold respect for our subjects and their fan communities while still bringing you the real feel of what it's like to meet your favorite celebrity or musician.   There is always something going on with us down in Georgia, the hottest location of the filming industry.

Opportunity is not the only attribute that makes us special.   We are multi-faceted professional women who bring many talents to the table.  Tammy and Michelle are life long friends who not only share a passion for celeb interaction, but also for co-writing.  Our history goes back as far as the early l980's when our fandom was "The Outsiders" cast.  In the 90's we created an original screen play and a podcast before podcasts even existed. (Dragging around a huge VHS camera for video clips was not as easy as it may seem!)  Also worth mentioning, are  the numerous short stories, plays etc. that Tammy and Michelle coauthored over the years.  In a nutshell, we pretty much rock. 

Join us on our real life adventures as we navigate a new life in the "Hollywood of the South".  Strap in and hang on tight, it's going to be an amazing ride!!

Intern Ann


Ann is our 14 year old intern who has a self taught talent for Special Effects Make Up. She spends her free time honing her artistic skills, writing and helping out 2 Single Moms. B Ann also plays guitar and keyboard. Her goal is to someday work as a professional artist, and maybe even with Greg Nicotero!

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