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Random Man On The Street Interview 06.13.16

We had to get our feet wet somehow! This "random man on the street interview" was our very first test run. We walked up to these strangers and simply asked if we could interview them. Thankfully, they were good sports.

It's not every day that someone can say, "I talked to Norman Reedus on the phone today"! Super appreciative that Norman took a few minutes out of his day to give us a call! Check out our full interview as Norman chats with Intern Ann about small town living, pranking Andrew Lincoln and gives us a hint at what's to come on next season's "Ride with Norman".

   The first time that we saw Daniel Newman was in the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead. Arriving on the scene just as Carol is about to give up, he looked like an apocalyptic knight in shining armor Our first impression was that his character was a good guy- but with The Walking Dead it's difficult to know for certain so quickly. As viewers, he left us all with the burning unanswered question- "WHO IS THIS GUY"?!

   Daniel grew up in a rural farm community outside of Atlanta. He studied at Yale (which means he is smart!) and has...  click to read full interview!

2 Single Moms young intern Ann tackles her first interview with Osric Chau from Supernatural.  Ann is autistic, and would like to bring public awareness to what the face of high functioning autism looks like.  She pulls off this challenge while maintaining eye contact and remaining composed despite the fact she was major fangirling!  2 Single Moms is so proud of Ann for doing such a great job on her first interview!  Thanks so much to Osric for giving this young lady the confidence to accomplish her dream and for such a  memorable day!

Supernatural's Ruth Connell talks Boobs, TWD & Kid Rock - Interview with 2SM  09.21.16

   Ask any "Supernatural" fan and they will tell you all about Ruth Connell. For the past 2 seasons of "SPN" we have seen her magically portray "Rowena", the powerful witch who is the mother of all mothers, the mother of the baddest kid around, the mother of Crowly, "The King of Hell".

​   Like her character, Ruth hails from Scotland and grew up on her father's farm outside  ..... Read full interview here.

An intimate Cafe Chat with Daniel Gillies

 2 Single Moms & Intern Ann  11.20.16

Ann Mahoney Interview 08.26.17  

2 Single Moms young intern Ann tackles her second interview with Daniel Gillies from Spiderman 2, Saving Hope, Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Ann does an awesome job! Special thanks to Daniel Gillies for being so generous with his time and to our producer, CVP Marketing. 

This is the lovely and talented Ann Mahoney, who plays Olivia on The Walking Dead. We were thrilled when Ann agreed to do this video interview exclusively for ...2 Single Moms. Watch as Ann talks about TWD fans, who she is most likely to "fan girl" over and shares her own words of inspiration. Thank you Ann! You are AWESOME!

An Evening With Pure Prairie League  06.18.16

There is a special place in my heart for Pure Prairie League. PPL is best remembered for their classic hits "Amy", "2 Lane Highway" and "Let Me Love you Tonight". Most people do not know that in the early 80's Vince Gill was the lead singer of PPL. I met the band (with my mother) while they were touring when I was 9 years old. We had the opportunity to meet up again 36 (gasp!) years later. These guys and their music are what got it all started for me... the evening we spent with them was truly unforgettable! Thanks so much to Mike Reilly for being such an AMAZING host to us! ~Michelle  ​

Vince Gill Full Circle Interview

 2 Single Moms & Intern Ann 02.16.17

When Norman Reedus calls!

 Intern Ann & 2 Single Moms 01.14.17

Watch Supernatural's Osric Chau's

inspiring chat with 2SM's Intern Ann  10.22.16

Christopher Berry Interview  08.07.16                               

We had the pleasure of spending some time with Chris Berry from The Walking Dead. His character is best known as "the guy who Daryl Dixon blew up with the rocket launcher". While Chris's character played a very short role on TWD, it is a crucially important role, for it is his character that heralds in the coming of ... NEGAN! Chris is currently working on a HUGE movie project and we are certain you will be seeing more of him in the near future! Watch his interview and catch him delivering one of his best known lines from TWD!​​

Daniel Newman from The Walking Dead- Interview with 2 Single Moms  08.28.16

Country music legend and 21 time Grammy winner Vince Gill gives a very special fan interview to 2 Single Moms.  This "Full Circle" interview tells the story of the unique connection between Vince and 2 Single Moms. Grab some tissues, you don't want to miss this!