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Supernatural's Ruth Connell talks Boobs, TWD & Kid Rock - Interview with 2SM 

     Ask any “Supernatural” fan and they will tell you all about Ruth Connell. For the past 2 Seasons of “SPN” we have seen her magically portray "Rowena", the powerful witch who is the mother of all mothers, the mother to the baddest kid around, the mother of Crowley, "The King of Hell".

     Like her character, Ruth hails from Scotland and grew up on her father's farm outside of Bonnybridge. She has an interesting and diverse background in Scottish ballet in addition to several European dance companies. She is also Disney Pixar's official voice match for Princess Merida in "Brave".

     After meeting Ruth at a 2016 Nashville “Supernatural” Convention, 2 Single Moms were in awe of Ruth's very sweet, kind and selfless personality- very different than that of the character she portrays. We were super excited to have the opportunity to ask Ruth about her “Supernatural” Charity and her experiences in the “SPN” fandom!

2SM: Please tell us all about "My Hope Chest"

Ruth: “My Hope Chest” is the charity I support [that is] run by a breast cancer survivor, Alisa Savoretti. Alisa is a character and a half and has done so much singlehandedly and now with more support, to raise funds for women who find themselves under-insured or with no coverage to get the reconstruction they desire. I wanted to help because I believe that anyone who wants their boobs back should be able to do so! We all like boobs right? Men, women, children... To go through cancer is one thing, to then not be able to afford to have the reconstruction you want as part of your recovery process must be fairly devastating. I like that it's a practical charity that has tangible results. So no dollars are wasted. Viva la breast! Please visit for donation information.

2SM: What is the most hilarious interaction with a fan that you have had?

Ruth: At one of my first conventions ever a Scottish fan said to me; "Welcome to the SPNFamily! Once yer in ye cannae get oot!". So that kinda set the tone!

2SM: What is the nicest and most impactful act that a fan has bestowed upon you?

Ruth: I'm touched by the generosity and goodwill of the SPNFamily all the time. I was in floods of tears one recent Sunday morning in Texas, as I woke up to hundreds of the “My Hope Chest” “GISHWHES” challenge pictures and messages. Women and Men in beautifully decorated Bra's with uplifting (ahem) words of support for breast cancer survivors.

2SM: What is it like being on a show with such a unique and intense fandom? Did you know what you were getting into when you accepted your role as Rowena or was it a surprise?

Ruth: I had no idea! Zero! Now its taken over my life! And I'm extremely grateful for it all. I've learned so much these past 2 years. The fandom has been a massive part of my life journey and development, it’s been so impactful to be involved with the fandom online and at conventions, life will never be the same again.

2SM: Are you a fan of “The Walking Dead”?

Ruth: Um...I'm in the slow group sometimes when it comes to being up to speed with what’s most popular I'm a bit ashamed to say...I saw the first episode of “Fear The Walking Dead” and LOVED it. But I can't watch scary stuff at night as I get nightmares so that prohibits a fair amount. “Stranger Things” I set aside time during the day to watch and loved it but still had a few dodgy dreams!

2SM: Were you a fan of “SPN” before you were cast as Rowena?

Ruth: “Supernatural” was on my radar as I am interested in all the stuff we can't see....

2SM: Have you ever been to a Kid Rock show?

Ruth: Oh jeez - I had to google Kid Rock just now to check I was gonna comment on the right person. Again; not up to speed with really obvious stuff but I have seen 39 episodes of a french TV show you have never heard of... so no I haven't but I am game to go! Rock out with 2 Single Moms and Kid Rock for sure.

2 Single Moms so solemnly swears to watch 39 episodes of a french TV show we have never heard of in exchange for Ruth attending a Kid Rock concert with us! Thanks so much Ruth for your contribution to breasts around the world and for your willingness to "get in the pit and try to love some one!" (That's a quote from a Kid Rock song called “Bawitaba”. Make sure you know it before we go to the show! )|credit: IMBd/biography|photo credit unknown|2 Single Moms ©2016