J2 Share a Funny Story 02.28.16

Jared and Jensen share a funny story about what happens on their walk to a bar through the alleys of Nashville, Tennessee at the 2016 NashCon.

KID ROCK:   03.11.16   Hanging with 2 Single Moms on the boat.  

While we were chatting with Kid Rock on the 7th annual Chillin' the Most Cruise, another cruiser unknowingly filmed this clip and later passed it us. 


Greg Nicotero giving advice to Intern Ann  06.16.16
We were so disappointed that our Intern Ann wasn't with us when we met him, but after hearing about her SFX skills Greg gave her a personal video message with a little insider tip!



​NashCon 2016 Osric Chau and

Gil McKinney Panel

Watch these guys re-enact Kevin and Henry's death scenes.

Daniel Newman Love to 2SM

Awe...such a sweet southern gentleman! Be sure to read the full 2SM exclusive interview with Daniel Newman found in the Interviews tab above.


​NashCon 2016 Tim Odmundson playing the harmonica directly in front of 2 Single Moms - what a view! Yes that is Matt Cohen in the red t-shirt  hyping the crowd.

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2SM "Found Norman Reedus"?
Living local to TWD filming can have it's perks... Norman's been spotted grabbing a coffee here  before, did we get lucky during a regular errand run to the square?

Atlanta Rhythm Section 06.18.16
2SM is enjoying the ARS show from backstage. These guys were great- they even invited us to go onstage with them! Considering the fact that neither of us have any musical talent or dancing skills we thought it would be best to spare the audience and so politely declined the offer! LOL

Donnie Lee Clark o6.18.16

Donnie with Pure Prairie League showing 2 Single Moms some love while back stage after the  concert. *Fun Fact - he was on this year's 7th Annual Chillin' the Most Cruise with 2 Single Moms and Kid Rock!

NashCon 2016 Karaoke Night Carry On Waywayrd Son

2SM loving every second of the SPN family (fans and cast) belting out our theme song together - what an amazing memory, watching still gives me chills.


NashCon 2016 Jensen Ackles singing Whipping Post

Forgive the bad lighting and our fan girl ramblings in the background, but it was our first time laying eyes on this man in the flesh, worth every minute of the 11 year wait!


NashCon 2016 Briana Buckmaster with Louden Swain
Briana Buckmaster and Rob Benedict singing Stop Dragging My Heart Around - these guys were awesome!

More videos coming soon!!


​Greg Nicotero 06.16.16

Before Nic & Norman's opened Greg Nicotero gave his first video plug of the restaurant to 2 Single Moms!